The Anne Arundel County Public School System updated its COVID data dashboard today. It reflects cases where contract tracing has been completed and data fully entered as of noon on September 20, 2021. IT does not include cases in which tracing, documentation, or determination are still in progress. The data dashboard was due to be updated on Wednesday, September 22, 201, but they decided to update it early.

According to the data dashboard, 1,092 students and 21 staff are currently quarantine. There are 170 students and 14 staff with active cases. The cases are as distributed as follows: 9 student cases at charter/contract schools; 76 student cases at elementary schools; 33 cases at middle schools; 51 cases at high schools; and 1 case at a specialty center.

Chorpleth map of Act COVID-19 cases in Anne Arundel County PUblic SChools

The map shows the active COVID-19 case in Anne Arundel County Public Schools by feeder system as of noon on September 20, 2021. The map includes student and staff active cases. According to the map the feeder system with the most active case, 24 is the North County High School feeder system: 3 high school cases; 4 middle school cases; and 15 elementary school cases. The feeder system with the least active cases is the South River High School feeder system: 1 high school case and 4 elementary school cases. This is an update of a previous map.

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