I have improved my COVID cases by feeder system for Anne Arundel County Public School System map. Adding the names of each of the elementary and middle schools in each feeder system would be time-consuming, but the totals for each type were fairly easy to add. I totaled up the cases using a pivot table I built in Excel, then I imported the data into Datawrapper. I matched the data by the high school of each feeder system. I have had the issue of the mapping system “accepting” this data on the technical front.

Data Notes

The feeder system was as reported by the Anne Arundel County Public School System. Total active cases include student and teacher/staff cases. Please visit the AACPS COVID 19 Dashboard for more details about the data.

As of September 15, 2021, there were 89 active cases: 85 students and 4 staff. There were 578 students and 4 staff quarantining. The number of current quarantine cases above includes those who are COVID-19 positive through confirmed testing, those who have been designated as having COVID-like symptoms, and those who are probable cases as defined below on this page. It also includes those who have been determined to be close contacts of those persons and who are not fully vaccinated. The data includes cases traced in schools as well as those involving AACPS students that are traced in the community and have no immediate impact on schools.

Total Reported Cases by Feeder System

According to the map, at 12 active cases, the Old Mill High School feeder system has the most active cases. There were 5 cases at the high school and a total of 7 cases at the feeder elementary schools. The Glen Burnie feeder system had the fewest active cases, 3. The Glen Burnie System had one each at the high, middle, and elementary school levels.

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