Somethings you think are going to be easy, but then you learn that you still have more to learn. In a class, I learned to make a dynamic calendar in Excel. I then expanded on what I learned to make a calendar that shows the first and last day of the Session, and the day that the 90-day report is finished. I thought it would be easy to upload the Excel sheet to my website to document what I learned. So far that has not been easy. I’ve been able to save the Excel worksheet as an HTML page; however, I can’t get it to display on in an iframe the way I display my tricky data visualizations. It might be because the Excel workbook has multiple sheets. When I try to do that I get a 404 error. I have attempted to upload the page to my file manager, but that has led me to realize I have not yet used that feature, so I don’t know the password for the site.

If I upload the Excel workbook to my site, all that does is make the worksheet download automatically upon loading the website. This is not something I want my website to do. I want users to be able to choose to download information, but I do not want it to automatically download.

So until I figure out how to display a dynamic version of this calendar, here is a pdf of the beginning of 2022. It shows that Session begins on Wednesday, January 22, 2022, which is the second Wednesday of the year. It ends 90 days later on Monday, April 11, 2022. I am finally able to take a break on Friday, April 15, 2022, when the 90-day report is finished.

As this website is primarily a personal learning experience I am documenting my learning experience rather than just perfection.