I have a problem, now that I a managing people I need to figure out a good way to record and visualize what my people know. I’ve done a few google searches, and I’ve read about “skills mapping matrixes”, and while this seems like the best option out there, I’m not really excited about it, at least not yet.

I can’t decide if I want to primarily focus on what particular a member of staff knows, or focus on the areas of knowledge, and then which staff member knows the topic. I am not sure which fits my needs best. Although I think that I need to focus on the areas of knowledge.

First Step-Develop a List of Areas of Knowledge

I decided that my first step is to develop a list of areas of knowledge in the education workgroup.

There are 3 major categories Early Childhood Development and Education, Primary and Secondary, and Higher Education. There are also other misalaneous topics such as libraries and the longitudinal data system center that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

Early Childhood Development and Education

  • Childcare Programs
  • Early Childhood Development Programs

Primary and Secondary Education

  • Funding Formulas
  • Teacher Certification/Career Ladder
  • Curriculum Requirements
  • Governance (State Board of Education, AIB)
  • School Construction
  • State-Operated Schools
  • Alternative and Innovative Public School Programs
  • Assessments and Accountability
  • Special Education
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • School Safety
  • Homeschooling

Higher Education

  • Maryland Higher Education Commission and Program Approval
  • Higher Education Funding and Funding Formulas
  • Community Colleges
  • Public Four-years
  • Regional Higher Education Centers
  • Financial Aid
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Credit Transfers
  • Capital Funding


  • State Library
  • Local Libraries
  • Maryland Longitudinal Data System