Exploring the AMCharts Funnel

I have not yet figured out how to edit the Sankey chart display for the chart I made yesterday, so I decided to use the same data to make a funnel chart. I copied the code from Amchart’s website and altered it for my data. It was easy to change the label categories and numbers to represent my data. It was also easy to change the number of categories. I haven’t figured out how to delete or change the percentage the code calculates. The percent number is the percentage that category is of all the numbers in the chart, which is misleading and not very useful. This one issue is rather unfortunate as otherwise, I like the funnel chart. I like how it automatically scales for the size of the category. The colors are appealing, but I’m not sure if I am able to change them.

The data is from the Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center. It is grade 12 students who exited Maryland public high schools in 2011.

} catch( err ) { console.log( err ); }