Played around with showing Non-FARMS High School graduates who earn a college degree by age 25. The Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center publishes the data as a percentage of high school graduates that enroll in college. I used their published numbers to see the total high school graduates. I was originally interested in FARMs students, but the data was repressed for most of the schools.

As always this is just me exploring the data that is available. I am trying to make sense of the data and be able to remember the information.

I need to restart my computer and close some of the many, many tabs I have open related to data visualization, but before I close them I want to document a few of the websites I have been using and have found useful. I am not necessarily recommending these websites, just noting that I have found them useful.

In no particular order, beyond where they are in my tabs.

Data Visualization



Amcharts Live

Data Formating

JSON formatter


Data Sources

Anne Arundel County Public Schools: COVID-19 Dashboard

Anne Arundel County ArcGIS Open Data

U.S. Department of Education: College Scorecard

Maryland Higher Education Commission Publications

University System of Maryland: IRIS

Maryland Data

Maryland Longitudinal Data System Dashboards

Maryland Report Card

Edunomics Lab: THe Study of Education Finance