This is a test of a waterfall chart with negative numbers. This is just a test to see if I can recreate a waterfall chart I saw using Amcharts. I have linked the document with the original waterfall chart in the source below, the chart is on page 16 of the document. Initially had trouble with showing the final two bars because they went into negative numbers, but I was able to play around with the formatting to get it to display properly. As I note I do not have access to the underlying data, I used the displayed figures to produce the chart below. To completely recreate the chart I need to still figure out how to format the Y axis numbers. I need to add a “$” sign and truncate the numbers. I will research this and update once I figure it out.

ARP: American Rescue Plan

COLA: cost-of-living adjustment

IT: information technology

Source: Department of Legislative Services

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