My kids return to school in person tomorrow so I have been thinking about public school-associated outbreaks all day and different ways to graph the data available.

This map shows schools that have had a school-associated outbreak on 25 August 2021 or 1 September 2021. The circle shows the max size of the outbreak. I first tried sizing by the 1 September 2021 outbreak size, but that eliminated the schools that had an outbreak on 25 August but had zero cases on 1 September. The color shows if the cases at the particular school are increasing, staying the same, or decreasing. The tooltips show the number of cases on each day and the “type” of school based on the NCES School Directory. The two cases at Success Program on 1 September in Frederick County is not recorded because it does not have an address in the NCES School Directory. I will have to decide whether to add the Success Program or to just footnote it.

I also have to decide if I want to add private schools in the future. I would need to look up the address for each private school.

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