Anne Arundel County County Public Schools published data today regarding COVID cases in public schools. Their reporting metrics are different than those reported by the State. I decided to map and publish it. I have not yet checked the data. I need to publish the data to check it.

Default Dot Size

Smallest Dot Size

After playing with the map a bit I decided that the dots were rather overwhelming, so I shrunk them to their smallest possible size. The dots size for the other maps was the default size. I will need to remember to consider dot size in the future.


These notes are from Anne Arundel County

1. The tables on this page reflect positive cases, confirmed by testing, with an onset date of September 8, 2021, or later that have been made known to Anne Arundel County      Public Schools. Schools/Offices with zero student or staff cases do not appear in the tables. The data also includes cases of COVID-like symptoms in which a      person is not tested for a period of 48 hours after onset of symptoms, and probable cases, which occur when an individual with COVID-like symptoms is found to have close contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive. Such cases are treated as if they are positive for COVID-19 in terms of identification of close contacts and potential exposures. Cases that appear on this dashboard and are later determined to be false positives or the like will be deleted in subsequent updates.

2. An “active case” is one in which the individual who tested positive is still under 10-day quarantine.

3. A positive case, COVID-like symptoms case, or probable case does not mean the individual exposed others at school or work, or that the individual contracted the virus at school or work.

4. Students enrolled in virtual-only learning and who are not part of any extracurricular activities are not included in this data.

5. Due to differences in reporting methodology, this information may not match the data presented by the Maryland Department of Health.

The Anne Arundel County Public Schools data will be updated each Wednesday.

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